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a life of travel

Over 15 years I have lived in approximately 30 countries. I use these experiences as seeds of inspiration in my art pieces.

Religion Philosophy and Art

I weave deeper social and philosophical meanings into my work. As I traveled I studied the religion and culture of the places I went.

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I was born in North America upon graduation I went on to study Ceramics, Photography, and Fine Arts in the US. I moved to Spain when I was 20 to study Interior Design in Barcelona. In 2008 I moved to Melbourne Australia to study Chinese Medicine.

I sailed on a 15meter monohull to Indonesia from New Zealand where I continued my training in Chinese medicine under the instruction of Dr Bapak Petrus Tjiptoso. I apprenticed at a local ceramic factory in the afternoon.

In 2010 I returned briefly to America and bought a van, which I drove to Mexico. When I crashed the van down the mountains of Orizaba I met many artisans who taught me about handmade jewelry and the healing power of gemstones. I continued my research across Central and South America. I traveled by land across Europe twice and ended back in South America then finally returned to China in 2014

I China I apprenticed with the renowned ceramic artist Jackson Li in the porcelain capital of Jingdezhen.

I recently graduated from Tibet University Tibetan Language program. While living in Lhasa I also studied oil painting under the talented and internationally recognized Tibetan Artists Gade, and Tsewang Tashi. Additionally, I attended Traditional Tibetan Thangka school at the Danba Raodan school of Thangka Art.

I have completed exhibitions and residencies in the US, Greece, China, and Egypt.


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